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Cat Sitting
Cats are very independant and territorial creatures who don't take kindly to change.
This can be worrying when you want to leave them or take a holiday and using a cattery isn't an option. The answer is quite simple: leave them at home in their own surroundings with their normal routine and Shirls Cat Sitting Service will look after them for you.
Shirls Cat Sitting Service can visit your cat/s to give them their feed and water, clean their litter tray and make sure they get plenty of play and cuddles.
We can also give them their medications and groom them if required.
Whether you have cats that prefer to live outdoors or house cats we will stick to the routine that they are used to when you are at home.
We do insist that your cat/s have at least 1 visit per 24hrs .
                                                      WHAT IS A CAT   
                                                                   Gentle eyes
                                                              that see so much,
                                                                paws that have
                                                                the quiet touch
                                                                 Purrs to signal
                                                                   "all is well"
                                                            and show more love
                                                             than words can tell
                                                            Graceful movements
                                                             touched with pride
                                                             a calming presence
                                                                    by our side
                                                                  A friendship
                                                           that will last and grow,
                                                                 small wonder
                                                           why we love them so.
                                                                                       Author Unknown ............
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