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Dog Walking     

Shirls Dog Walking Service will collect your dog from your home and take it to a safe place locally for an hour's exercise.
Dogs are pack animals and most love socialising with other dogs as it is part of their nature.
After a walk, play, fun and mental stimulation your dog will be returned home tired and happy. We cover a 5 mile radius of Swaffham.
  • Dog Walking - Dogs walked in a safe area.
  • One hours exercise.
  • Morning ,, Afternoon , and Evening ( summertime only ) 
  • Off lead exercise: Only with owners consent.
  • All poop is scooped. ( where necessary )
  • A towel dry if it is wet or muddy ( towels provided ).
  • Basic training can be done ( sit , stay , down , come , and heel )
  • Reliable, Regular dog walking.
It is important for the safety of everyone, including your dog, that he is sociable and friendly both on and off the lead with other dogs, adults and children and hasn't shown any signs of aggression.
If you work and need your dog walking everyday when you are out, I can retain a set of your house keys.
All keys are stored securely and are identified by colour code only.
Name and addresses are NOT kept with the keys.
                                                                WEATHER OR NOT
                                               Once again it's happened, the sun has gone again
                                               Yes you have guessed it, it's pouring down with rain
                                               The sky above is overcast, where yesterday was sun
                                               The trouble with the rain, it never stops once it's begun
                                               Gardeners say, it's doing good, who knows perhaps they're right
                                               But as I am no gardener, I care little for their plight
                                               For I have just one problem, for I need to walk the dog
                                               And should it keep on raining, the fields will be a bog
                                               My dog is very obstinate, and cares little for the wet
                                               But of cause one must expect this, with an Airedale as a pet
                                               But none the less he is my pal, though obstinate he may be
                                               For when he's being obstinate, he is very much like me
                                               But wait the sky is clearing, the rain has stopped at last
                                               Perhaps he'd like a walk now, when he wakes up I'll ask.
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